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Case Studies

(Released in September 2012)

Hitachi Digital Microwave Link: Solutions For A Digital World

In light of the shift from analog to digital by the broadcasting industry, MediaCorp Pte Ltd. took the opportunity to upgrade its technology from analog to digital to facilitate optimum deployment and productivity for live broadcasting coverage.

Solutions offered by Hitachi's Digital Microwave Link technology:

  • Multi-pass Tolerance
  • Increased Transmission Capacity
  • Enhanced Signal Integrity & Transmission Robustness

Versatility Through Multi-Pass Tolerance

By nature, Hitachi's Digital Microwave Link performs best in multi-path links, providing the versatility to be used in both traditional line-of-sight links and in heavy multi-path interference. This overcomes the challenges of noise and interference typically encountered at outdoor broadcasting venues

The Hitachi Digital Microwave Link delivers strong and stable transmissions even under severe weather conditions. It also meets industry standards for its waterproof capabilities.

In conditions with obstructive environment, such as large buildings or encumbering mountains, the Hitachi Digital Microwave Link can easily adapt to noise interference.

Whether it is breaking news during a snow storm in a mountainous area in Japan, or a car racing championship with winding circuits around large city skyscrapers in Singapore, the Hitachi Digital Microwave Link offers the versatility needed to effectively live broadcast such events.

Enhanced Signal Integrity & Transmission Robustness

The Hitachi Digital Microwave Link offers significantly improved signal reliability and transmission robustness over analog microwave link technology. 

With this advanced digital technology, the signals are able to remain consistent and prevent transmission degradation even as the receiving levels decrease, up to -90dBm.

Increased Transmission Capacity

The Hitachi Digital Microwave Link enables digital transmission of both High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) content. This is an essential benefit for broadcasters to stay relevant in the increasing digital world. 

By carrying HD-SDI signals, digital microwave links not only facilitates the transmission of digital content, but transmits larger amounts of data (up to 60Mbps) while utilizing less bandwidth than the analog system.  This also increases both productivity and cost-savings. 

Broadcasting - Solution

"The old ways of having analog transmission that can only support one channel at a time is gone and we are trying to actually squeeze multiple channels into one bandwidth" said Mr. Lim.

"One of the major advantages that we have in using this digital link is that it's able to support SDI inputs. SDI inputs also encompass High Definition, which actually allows the company to future-proof when they buy these links. This is one of the options we had put in our requirements."

Customer: MediaCorp

Industries: Broadcasting

Region: India

Release Date: September, 2012

Products & Services: Analog Microwave

Solutions By: MediaCorp Pte Ltd