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Case Studies

(Released in March, 2016)


With the growth in the coal industry, competition in the form of new mining companies has started pouring in from all directions. This is accompanied by ever mounting pressure to increase production, while significantly bringing down the cost incurred. All these factors have led to a situation where a mining company is pressed hard to find new technologies and excavation techniques which are not just cost-effective but also strengthen the bottom line.

Sushee Infra & Mining Limited, better known as Sushee Infra, one of the leaders in the mining industry, also encountered similar challenges at the coal mines of Sathupalli. Sushee Infra leveraged its industry expertise to evaluate the key factors which, if addressed, would help achieve the targets while still remaining profitable.

The key challenges

Every coal mining project relies heavily on construction machinery for over burden removal, especially the hydraulic excavators provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). At the coal mines, the hydraulic excavators work in a 24X7 environment under grueling conditions. These machines can prove to be the determining factor for the success of a project.

Sushee Infra was evaluating different options in the hydraulic excavator's market and assessed all the options against the following parameters:

  • Cost reduction. Controlling costs is one of the key challenges faced by miners everywhere. Only a fuel-efficient hydraulic excavator could help Sushee Infra keep the costs under check by ensuring maximum production in less fuel.
  • Maximum machine availability. Over burden removal is a cost and time sensitive operation. Any unwarranted breakdown results in significant losses. Sushee Infra sought to reach a fail-safe arrangement with OEM to gain protection against machine breakdowns to ensure maximum machine availability.
  • Simplified maintenance. Sushee Infra was looking for a hydraulic excavator which could ensure low maintenance and easy serviceability. This would ensure that the excavator is affordable, efficient and highly productive throughout its lifecycle.
  • High performance and durability.Coal mines have varying soil conditions. Sushee Infra needed a robust excavator with rock-solid construction which could deliver optimum performance in all conditions.

With challenges laid out, it was time for Tata Hitachi to come up with a well-crafted solution that would precisely meet the requirements.

India's Leading Construction Equipment Provider - Challenges - Hitachi

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Customer: Sushee Infra and Mining Limited

Industries: Mining

Region: India

Release Date: March, 2016

Products & Services: Hydraulic Excavators

Solutions By: Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery