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Hitachi in India

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Hitachi Air Conditioners - Air Conditioning Solutions

Air Conditioners

Hitachi offers one of the largest ranges of air conditioners in India to meet the needs of every lifestyle and home. New breakthroughs in technology enable Hitachi to offer reliable, efficient and high quality solutions for air conditioning. Hitachi has been able to make its products adept at meeting the requirements of its consumers by developing some of the world's leading technologies for air conditioning, for any area or surrounding regardless of size. Hitachi's air conditioning solutions are suitable for installation in a single bedroom while being just as functional in a multi zone system for your entire home. The air conditioning systems that Hitachi offers are among the most energy efficient in India and they are designed with the standards for energy efficiency to complement the country you are living in the country in mind and work to exceed those standards. Hitachi offers service and quality that can be trusted and is a company with a national network that ensures spare parts and services are always available.

Hitachi Window (AC) Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners

Hitachi window air conditioners incorporate the innovative twin motor technology, making their efficiency equivalent to that of split air conditioners. Be it the oppressive heat of Indian summers or severe cold conditions of winter, Hitachi hot and cold window air conditioners allow maintenance of composure in every season allowing you to remain cool even when it is searing hot outside. Find out more about Hitachi Window Air Conditioners.

Hitachi Split (AC) Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioners

Split Air Conditioners Hitachi offers both inverter split air conditioners and star rated split air conditioners. The split air conditioners are attractive and appealing due to their slim line size and this is just one of the intelligent and unique features that will impress you. Hitachi has developed inverter technology suitable for the tropical weather conditions in India and deploys it in the inverter split air conditioners it offers. The star rated split air conditioners help you save money through their highly efficient use of energy as well as having even more features like Ace Cut out, Follow me and Auto Clean Technology. Get more information about Hitachi Split Air Conditioners.

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