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Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017

  • Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017 - Bengaluru
  • Meeting and Discussion Hitachi Conclave 2017
  • Panel Discussion at Hitachi Conclave 2017

Hitachi and Business Today collaborated on the latest edition of Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017 BENGALURU. The event brought together policy makers, thinkers and opinion makers to discuss ways to solve India's problem of rapid urbanization using “Social Innovation” to address developmental challenges faced by economies and societies all over the world; and to work with all our stakeholders through “Collaborative Creation”. Interactive panel discussions were held on topics including India's IoT landscape and how India's businesses and enterprises can break the ice and make their mark in the competitive world market.

Hitachi strives to be an integral part of India’s growth story. Converging its core concepts – Social Innovation and Collaborative Creation, Hitachi aims to improve the lives of people in India.

Here we present you a brief synopsis of the sessions convened during the event:


  • Welcome Address by Mr. Bharat Kaushal, MD, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Guest Speech by Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, IT, BT and Tourism, Govt. of Karnataka

    Leveraging i4.0 to boost top and bottom lines


  • Sudhanshu Mittal, Director, Centre of Excellence for IoT, NASSCOM

  • Panel Speakers:

  • Nagaraju K.B., CEO, Innovative Retail Concepts Pvt. Ltd. (

  • Ravi Raghavan, MD & CEO, Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd.

  • Anindya Bhattacharya, Lead Digital Operations, Hitachi Consulting Co.

  • S. Ganesh Mani, Senior Vice President, Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

  • The session revolved around defining Industry Automation 4.0 and how IoT can help improve top and bottom lines in the Indian manufacturing sector. The speakers outlined the strategies and discussed key challenges such as operational disruption due to cyber security breaches, and learning in the journey. The panelists also discussed 'Change management' process for manufacturing digitization. It was followed by engaging session on the role of Industry 4.0 in bringing consistency in speed, production and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing.

    The Future of Transportation


  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Professor & HOD, Department of Transport Planning, School of Planning and Architecture

  • Panel Speakers:

  • Dr. N. Rajendran, CTO, National Payments Corporation of India

  • Pradeep Singh Kharola, IAS, MD, Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

  • Mangal Dev, Director, Rail Systems Company, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Pankaj Kumar Bansal, MD, Chennai Metro Ltd.

  • The panel discussion on “The Future of Transportation” witnessed eminent domain experts speak about the various components of smart transportation for India. The panelists discussed the use of data analytics in maximizing customer experience in urban transportation. The role of data analytics in creating smart train management systems and the need for seamless connection between private and public sector was also discussed.

    Today’s Smart City – And Tomorrow’s


  • Pratap Padode, Founder & Director, Smart Cities Council India

  • Panel Speakers:

  • Dr. Anjali K. Mohan, Research & Policy Head, Indian Housing Federation

  • Anveshi Gutta, Director, Smart City, PWC India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Gopalakrishna Kuppuswamy, VP, Global Solutions, Hitachi Consulting Co.

  • Manvendra Deswal, Head, Smart City Mission, Confederation of Indian Industry

  • With government of India all set to establish 100 Smart Cities, this session was about 'Today's Smart City - and Tomorrow's'. Industry experts came together to discuss the use of ICT and IOT in a secure environment toward making of Indian smart cities. A variety of Hitachi solutions such as the City Data Exchange platform for sharing the information with public and intelligent face recognition and real-time analytics were also talked about.

    De-mystifying the Data Pipeline


  • Sameer Dhanrajani, CSO, Fractal Analytics Inc.

  • Panel Speakers:

  • Mukesh Deshpande, Executive Director, PwC India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Piyush Chowhan, VP & CIO, Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

  • Jayraj Ugarkar, Director, IoT & Analytics, Hitachi Consulting Co.

  • The session saw the panelists talk about the best practices that go into the making of a data-driven organization. Different trends in Data Analytics domain, the data path - collection, access, reporting, and decision making, among others, were discussed in detail. The panelists spoke about the evolution of new generation solutions to protect sensitive company data in a highly connected environment. They also discussed the opportunities generated out of the union of big data analysis tools and cloud computing.


Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017
Hitachi Social Innovation Conclave 2017