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Customer Co-Creation

R&D Centre of Hitachi India promotes the collaborative and co-creative approach to discover solutions that will define the innovations of tomorrow. Working in close companionship with the local and global market, we find out crucial bottlenecks and offer practical solutions. With our high-end engineering and analytics, we merge an integrative and forward-thinking process with the business units that are directly communicating with the market.

In India, the Hitachi India R&D centre works in close collaboration with business units that are in direct contact with end users, thereby contributing to the social innovation business in the country. We support this activity through research in the areas of water, payments, and power electronics.

With regards to the global market, we impart our technical expertise to the R&D labs in Japan to augment their research activity. Some of the assisted research fields include automotive and software platforms. Sequentially, these labs bring about innovative solutions to customers all over the globe through various business units of Japan. The successful completion of the process eventually fosters the global customer co-creation.

Customer-co creation towards Indian and global markets Customer Co-Creation towards Indian and global markets