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Message from GM

Dr. Hisashi Ikeda
CTO, and Head of R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.
General Manager of CSI-APAC, R&D Group, Hitachi, Ltd.

Greetings! Welcome to the R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi, Ltd. in line with its credo, “to further elevate its founding concepts of harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit, to instill a resolute pride in being a member of Hitachi, and thereby to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products”, strives to provide solutions to social issues, through collaboration with companies and persons, thereby improving the quality of life.

In order to increase our contribution to society, we are creating and capitalizing on new R&D initiative, which we call customer co-creation. By thinking and working together with partners and customers, it is possible to bring about innovation that realizes an abundant future.

With the progress of loT, data generated by society and business continues to increase rapidly. This data is a source of new value and we at Hitachi are working to leverage this data to provide innovative solutions.

Since the establishment of Hitachi India R&D Centre at Bangalore in 2011, we have been conducting research and development for the realization of social innovation. With the integration of IT x OT (operational technology) x Product, we have developed No. 1 technologies in the field of IT, energy and industry.

We contribute to Hitachi's Indian business while collaborating with global Hitachi R&D teams to promote the practical application of research results to our global business.

Starting with Digital India, various policies have been launched in India. India has become a hotspot for digital innovation with the help of abundant skilled talent in digital technology that supports research and development of global companies and creating new business for start-ups.

At the base of digital innovation hotspot, we strive to become a leading research organization that provides innovation in India through collaboration with academia and start-up communities.

CSI: Global Centre for Social Innovation