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  • 20 April 2022

    Kingshuk Banerjee, and Pranay Verma from the Hitachi India R&D Centre invited as speakers to Data Dialogue series organized by IUDX
    APPATHON Innovation Challange

    The India Urban Data Exchange (IUDX), an initiative of the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, hosts "Data Dialogue" - a talk series to present the latest advances in research in the data space by subject matter experts from academia and industry. We are honored to have Kingshuk Banerjee, and Pranay Verma from the Hitachi India R&D Centre invited as speakers. The session was held on 22nd April 2022 where they spoke about "Data Platform: Trends and Patterns“.

  • 17 February 2022

    Hitachi India R&D Centre invites startups to join the National Innovation Challenge
    APPATHON Innovation Challange

    Hitachi India R&D Centre, in association with Kerala Startup Mission, is pleased to invite startups in India to join the National Innovation Challenge. The contest addresses some of the pertinent issues in smart agriculture and rural banking. The winners will receive a grant from Hitachi India to go towards developing their innovative solution.

  • 17 February 2022

    Kingshuk Banerjee, SVP, AI research team, talks on “Technology startups for Social Innovation” at Huddle Global 2022
    APPATHON Innovation Challange

    Are you interested in how Hitachi in India is working with technology startups for digital transformation ? If so, Kingshuk Banerjee who leads the AI engineering team at the Hitachi India R&D Centre, will be speaking on “Technology startups for Social Innovation” at Huddle Global 2022 this Saturday, 19 February.

  • 22 November 2021

    Hitachi India Research and Development team was awarded one of the best presentations at ICSCGE2021
    APPATHON Innovation Challange

    Hitachi India Research and Development team was awarded one of the “Best presentation award” for the research work - “An Effective Solid Waste Management Collection System Utilizing Smartphone Sensors” carried out in collaboration with Indian Urban Data Exchange (IUDX) and “Varanasi Smart City” in International Conference in Smart City and Green Energy (ICGSCE), 2021. The conference was organized virtually from 20-22 November 2021 and focusses on the domains of Smart City and Green Energy innovations and solutions.

    Large amount of uncollected waste leads to discomfort and affects daily life of the residents. This research focuses on resolving issues in solid waste management process faced by cities. Our solution uses low-cost weight estimation technologies to identify and resolve utilization (over/under) issues of waste collection vehicles and communicate the information in real-time. The forecasted waste and distance covered by vehicles are further utilized to recommend priority of stoppages (where trash bins are placed) to collect waste in a route to optimize collection process. As a result, we have observed significant improvement in waste collection over time and reduction in distance travelled by waste collection vehicles.

    • To know more about our Smart City solutions, please visit here.
  • 24 October 2021

    Hitachi India R&D Centre helps bridge the gap between Academia and Industry by preparing young minds for a career in Consulting
    APPATHON Innovation Challange

    At Hitachi, our vision is to deliver innovation that answer society’s challenges. To contribute to an innovation ecosystem, Hitachi India R&D Centre is helping to prepare young minds think about the challenges facing our customers and society, real-world issues and how they might be approached. Recently,  Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee, Senior Vice President, from Hitachi India R&D Centre in Bengaluru, joined a panel of the top minds from corporate India at the Annual Strategy and Consulting Conclave, Strategia’21. The event was hosted by Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, to discuss about trends in consulting and data driven transformation in enterprises around the world.

  • 14 May, 2021

    Hitachi India’s Innovation challenge with start-ups to boost small medium businesses in association with Kerala Start-up Mission

    Hitachi India Research and Development Centre conducted a national innovation challenge ‘APPATHON’ with start-ups in association with Kerala Start-Up Mission (KSUM). This challenge focused on addressing some of the critical problems faced by the small and medium businesses.

    At Hitachi, we believe that sustainability of businesses is one of the key driving forces to provide continuous economic growth. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many small businesses have struggled to keep their livelihood intact. As a result, we need a more resilient digital ecosystem that can withstand global shocks such as these and ensure business continuity. The pace at which digitalization has transformed businesses and added value is tremendous. However, the digitalization efforts are not equally distributed, and some sectors benefit more than others. Small businesses, especially, need a more rapid transformation so that they can get into mainstream economic contribution, sustain their livelihood, and scale their businesses quickly.

    This innovation challenge was conducted with the main aim of addressing these social issues. The participants were challenged under three broad themes of working capital management, digitization support for small merchants, and digital solutions to improve end-user experience.

    As a result, around 125 start-ups from across the country participated in this challenge. 27 start-ups made to the final round and top 3 winners were announced. Doorward Technologies, which provided a solution to connect distributors with village shops for additional revenue generation, bagged the first prize. Agrima Infotech, got the first runner-up for its solution that simplifies inventory management, while digital queuing platform solution provided by Yobny Tech won the Second Runner Up.

    The prizes were announced at a virtual ceremony attended by the officials from Hitachi R&D Centre, India and KSUM. Mr. Mohammed Safirulla IAS, Secretary of IT & Electronics, Govt. of Kerala gave a special address at the event. The award includes Cash prize and Digital certificates.