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Our Vision

Hitachi R&D’s vision is to support people’s happiness through realizing a sustainable society with data and technology. Through open innovation ecosystems, our aim is to deliver solutions that demonstrate technology and innovation to resolve issues in society. In India, Hitachi’s vision includes partnerships in ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ government initiatives and create digital business on data exchange platforms enhanced by AI.

Our strategy is 2 pronged. On the global front we want to expand AI engineering, thereby accelerating co creation and collaboration with global R&D units. On the regional front we want to expand social innovation business by solving local problems with a focus on digital and green technology solutions.

As the leaders of innovation, we aim to enhance our presence and outreach in key areas like finance, smart city, mobility, IT security, computer vision, smart agriculture and so on. Hitachi’s core technologies like computer-based control, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered analysis, connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT) are the backbone of its social innovation business. By establishing global centres of excellence, we plan to leverage our technology advantage to create better living through a sustainable society.

Hitachi India R&D is part of Hitachi's corporate R&D network, with over 2,000 researchers around the world. R&D works closely with the business units and affiliated companies to develop and deliver world-leading technology across Hitachi's business portfolio. Using the common technology platforms shared across R&D, Hitachi India R&D is able to quickly develop and offer advanced technology and solutions in areas such as smart city solutions, energy management systems, and wastewater management systems.

Hitachi R&D vision