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Digital India: Smart cities

As India progresses towards rapid digitalization through the launch of various initiatives under Digital India banner, such as Smart/Safe City, e-Governance initiatives across the states and various Make in India programs, we at Hitachi are preparing to launch various services driving social, environmental and economic values.

Hitachi India businesses are investigating opportunities to expand digital solution business, leveraging the rich ecosystem of partners, startups and academic institutions. In that regard, we are developing technologies in platform to ensure re-usability and interoperability of platforms and analytics components running on it.

To enable such services, we defined the total architecture of technology platform, where for data analyzing environment, we designed and developed an analytics platform that improves re-usability and data understanding for rapid service development. In the service layer, we designed and developed prototypes of potential services for demand forecast and situational awareness that are applied to customers through various co-creation activities.

Smart City Analytics Platform and Services

Smart City Analytics Platform and Services