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Autonomous Drive Control

Embedded platform development is one of the key competencies of R&D centre of Hitachi India. We primarily support Hitachi’s embedded products business units by providing advanced research and strong product prototyping support. We have recently been engaged in the areas of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Autonomous Driving Electronic Control Unit (AD-ECU) for Hitachi’s automotive business. To achieve this, we are adopting several open source technologies to help in rapid prototyping. This includes the use of advanced model-based software engineering techniques to reuse existing design components for next-generation products and adaptation of open source software for time-critical control platforms.

Our current research focuses on the development of ECUs for autonomous cars which would have ample computation capabilities to handle complex machine learning and computer vision algorithms yet meet the hard deadlines for time and safety as per current automotive standards.

Autonomous Driving Electronic Control Unit

Embedded Platform Development Scenario