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Cyber Security

In this digital era, technology has penetrated our day-to-day activities. From simple house-keeping needs to advanced globally connected services, we all rely on cyberspace to keep us going. Though cyberspace has opened a world of opportunities, the harsh reality is that it is not always secured and there is always a risk of exploitation by hackers who want to destroy or disrupt essential services for personal or financial gain. To ensure that digitization remains beneficial, we are working to secure IT infrastructure and create an optimized response plan for continued safe use.

Securing IT infrastructure involves not only detecting security loopholes or vulnerabilities but also anticipating the point of attack and traversal. We have deployed Bayesian techniques, via threat detection, to perform analysis of attacks and our research is being applied to several business use cases. We are also working in automated response planning through a security response engine, in order to help security operators to minimize the loss in case of a security breach.

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Hitachi R&D Cyber Security solutions

Solution for Managing Security Risks in an IT Environment