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Energy Management of Infrastructure

All over the world, governments and end customers have increased focus on environmental sustainability. In India too, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency established by the Government of India, launched “Energy Conservation Building Code 2017*1” aimed at reducing building energy consumption and promote low-carbon growth for large commercial buildings. These social trends have led to an increase in green and net-zero energy buildings paving way for the adoption of Energy Management Systems in the commercial building sector. One of the important challenges with environment-friendly energy management is to meet customer requirements ensuring comfort to all occupants while optimizing energy consumption.

At Hitachi, we are developing IoT-based Energy Management Solutions that consist of data-driven analytics models, cloud database and edge sensors for optimized control of electric equipment such as heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system and lighting in internal rooms. This will help realize both energy savings and comfortable environment in commercial buildings.


Energy Management Solution using IoT based Analytics & Data Platform

Building Energy Management Solution Using IoT Based Analytics & Data Platform