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Work Culture at
Hitachi India R&D Centre

At HIL R&D, we are a team of diverse, young and talented researchers, led by experts from Hitachi’s research labs in Japan. Hitachi provides a professionally challenging environment with ample freedom to explore and thereby enables you to take more ownership and responsibility for your work. Researchers are encouraged to interact and collaborate with international research communities through presentations and participation in leading conferences across the world. We take pride in our work by contributing to cutting-edge research and being able to make an impact on the society.

Outstanding research results can be achieved only through the right balance between work and recreation. Generating the feeling of working as a part of a big family, we have many team building activities and celebrate important festivals together.

Work Culture at Hitachi India R&D Centre
Cricket Tournament
Hitachi India R&D Centre Work Culture
Cricket Tournament

Providing a safe and error-free work environment is of foremost importance for Hitachi. We value employee health and want to ensure incident-free working environment at our premises as well as customer and partner sites. We are also capable of achieving our targets in a work-from-home environment when the situation demands us to.

Being a part of the HIL R&D family means what matters to you, matters to us as well. That’s why we ensure that you never have to compromise on your personal responsibilities while fulfilling your professional ones. HIL R&D’s maternity leave policy for women employees is an excellent example of this.

Scroll down to get a glimpse of our colorful life and read the experiences of our researchers.

Hitachi India R&D Centre Workshop
Hitachi India R&D Research Exhibit
Research Exhibit

Researcher Testimonials

“I am extremely glad to be the first researcher to join Hitachi India Research and Development centre. Most of us spend 4-6 years in professional education at academic institutes and by no means it is enough to prepare technologies that overcome societal challenges today. Since I joined, the environment and leadership has continuously helped me enhance my technical competence by working on actual projects and in close collaboration with experts – both in India and overseas. Additionally, as a researcher I value self-driven progress, consensus with team, room for failure and I find all of these deeply embedded in the organization culture that makes it a great place to work.”

Chief Researcher, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Research and Development Centre

“It is an exciting place to work. The company provides tremendous learning and innovation opportunities. The working ecosystem is very friendly, progressive and fast paced. Overall, it's great place to work, invent, and innovate!!”

Researcher, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Research and Development Centre

“Work is challenging with fundamental and application-oriented research activity. The research environment encourages continuous learning and development. Apart from research, life here is full of activities and exposure. We are encouraged to file patents, submit conference and journal papers, collaborate with universities and follow trends by attending developer conferences. The corollary is you get to travel a lot. Get exposed, collaborate and contribute to your research community. The work environment is both formal and friendly. It is one of the best place to get exposed to research and apply it directly to the trending business.”

Research Engineer, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Research and Development Centre