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Case Studies

(Released in August 2011)

Improving Work Environment with New Screw Compressor

From as early as 1979, Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP), has been employing air compressors in their manufacturing processes.


  • The maintenance for these air compressors was time-consuming and cumbersome.
  • Air compressors were emitting loud noise and vibration which indirectly leads to environmental pollutions.

Hitachi's Solution

  • SEP installed Hitachi Compressor (an OSPA-22) which consequently helps to minimize noise and vibration.
  • It allows SEP to save on energy and reduce the maintenance workload as well as harmful impact on the environment.

Customer: Epson

Industries: Industrial Equipment

Region: India

Release Date: August, 2011

Products & Services: Air compressors

Solutions By: Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP)