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Case Studies

(Released in September 2012)

Technological Advancement in Broadcasting Industry

Since the late 1980s, MediaCorp Pte Ltd. used analog microwave link systems for live event and news coverage.

As the broadcasting industry went through a digitization period, significant advancements were made in the technology used by broadcasters.

MediaCorp recognized this as an opportunity to upgrade its own technology from analog to digital, to facilitate optimum deployment and productivity for coverage of temporary outdoor broadcasting venues.

Analog Microwave Link: Challenged In A Digital World

Challenges MediaCorp Pte Ltd. faced using Analog Microwave Link technology:

  • Required Line-of-Sight
  • Utilizes Large Amounts of Bandwidth
  • Susceptible to fading and reflection losses

Analog Microwave Link: Challenged In A Digital World

Solutions offered by Hitachi's Digital Microwave Link technology:

  • Multi-pass Tolerance
  • Increased Transmission Capacity
  • Enhanced Signal Integrity & Transmission Robustness

Broadcasting - Overview

Play the video "Broadcasting - Overview" (Time - 03 minutes 06 seconds)

Customer: MediaCorp

Industries: Broadcasting

Region: India

Release Date: September, 2012

Products & Services: Analog Microwave

Solutions By: MediaCorp Pte Ltd