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Case Studies

(Released in March, 2016)

Importance of coal in India's economy

India is at the center stage of growth and development. As one of the world's fastest growing economies, India's energy needs have risen steeply. Coal is the most important indigenous energy resource. It remains the dominant fuel for power generation and finds use in many industrial applications including steel and cement. Even though India is one of the top producers of coal in the world, it still imports coal to meet growing domestic consumption. India has a strong focus on reducing its reliance on energy imports and is making significant investments to boost energy infrastructure.

Sushee Infra and Tata Hitachi - Changing the face of coal excavation industry in India

The excavation and processing of coal is executed by mining companies hired by Coal India Limited (CIL), the state owned coal mining corporate, and its subsidiaries. Sushee Infra & Mining Limited is one of the key organizations engaged in over burden removal across mining sites in India. Through consistent performance improvement, Sushee Infra has earned for itself the reputation of bagging repeat government orders.

However, with growth have come a few challenges. Sushee Infra is under immense pressure to enhance the pace of over burden removal and simultaneously bring down the costs. Sushee Infra joined hands with its long standing partner Tata Hitachi by providing state-of-the-art construction equipment for over burden removal at the coal mines of Sathupalli. Tata Hitachi is a prominent player in the construction equipment industry in India. Tata Hitachi's vision of empowering people and the communities reverberates with Sushee Infra's vision of nation building and making India self-reliant.

ZAXIS470H GI Series - Hydraulic excavators par excellence

In order to ensure lower cost of production and faster execution, Tata Hitachi has provided Sushee Infra its latest range of hydraulic excavators, the ZAXIS 470HGI series. In a short span of time, the GI series has become a preferred choice of miners across continents. These hydraulic excavators are powerful, deliver high production with impressive fuel economy, offer swift front movements, are easy to operate and durable as well. All these factors contribute to the low running costs of ZAXIS GI series hydraulic excavators.

Some of the key features of the ZAXIS 470H GI series hydraulic excavators deployed at the Sathupalli coal mines are:

  • ECO Mode. ECO mode ensures significant reduction in fuel consumption over conventional hydraulic excavators without sacrificing digging force.
  • Swift Front Movements. The HIOS IIIB (Human Intelligence Operating System) hydraulic system provides maximum operating speed while keeping the fuel economy intact.
  • Enhanced Swing Torque. The all new swing device ensures improved swing power over conventional models.
  • Multifunction Monitor.High-resolution multifunction controller allows operator to check operating variables like oil temperature, fuel level, work mode and maintenance support, among others.
  • Low Life Cycle Costs.Long service intervals ensure low maintenance costs.

ZAXIS 470H GI series hydraulic excavators are delivering exceptional results under varying soil conditions at the coal mines of Sathupalli.

This case study will further divulge details about the major challenges encountered by Sushee Infra at the coal mines of Sathupalli and how the company harnessed immense capabilities of ZAXIS 470H to meet stiff cost and project timelines and simultaneously retained profitability.

India's Leading Construction Equipment Provider - Overview - Hitachi

India's Leading Construction Equipment Provider - Overview" (Time - 3 minute 34 seconds)

Customer: Sushee Infra and Mining Limited

Industries: Mining

Region: India

Release Date: March, 2016

Products & Services: Hydraulic Excavators

Solutions By: Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery