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May 24, 2023

Strengthening Hitachi’s presence in Bengaluru by collaborating with NASH INDUSTRIES

Hitachi Power Semiconductor Division collaborates with NASH to supply ICs for their BLDC Motor Controller in India


Bengaluru, 0524, 2023 – Hitachi in India has today announced their collaboration with M/s NASH INDUSTRIES, a pioneer, offering solutions with distinctiveness in Design, Precision Sheet Metal Stamping, Fabrication and Assemblies, to offer controllers for Brushless DC motors with the Integrated Single Chip ICs manufactured at Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device, Ltd. Japan.

NASH INDUSTRIES is a reliable engineering partner of Hitachi in India for varied businesses. They have been extensively working with multifarious businesses represented by Hitachi Group Companies including Hitachi Rail, Hitachi Lift, and Hitachi Terminal Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., among others.

Considering the on-going demand of BLDC Motor, Hitachi planned to expand the sales of Integrated Chips (IC), and solutions for their BLDC application in India and NASH Industries with their credible presence in India has the technological superiority offering distinguished engineering, EMS, and sales support.

Aligning with the prominent initiatives of the Government of India – Make in India, Hitachi and NASH Industries with a unified vision of achieving a Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2070 by taking a step towards upgrading the controller to IOT, sensor positioning, and support in cost optimization and localized components. In addition to cost reductions, BLDC Motor Fans provide environmental benefits. They help in creating a Sustainable Environment by consuming less electricity, which lowers carbon emissions. This is crucial in a nation like India where the government has set high goals to reduce carbon emissions. This will also help in the reduction of air pollution.

By assisting the burgeoning Indian Brushless DC motor producers for air conditioners and other appliances through this new partnership, Hitachi will support to contribute to the nation’s challenges through offering its cutting-edge worldwide design and technology. Through minimizing carbon footprints, the inverter drive systems in appliances will significantly reduce energy consumption by appliances by 30% to 50%.

With climate change and rapid economic development, Hitachi envisions becoming a sustainable organization by 2030. Hitachi aspires to foster this as a collaborative effort that is an integral part towards achieving this goal.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bharat Kaushal, Managing Director, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., said “It gives us an immense pleasure of nurturing our partnership with NASH INDUSTRIES and further enduring a step towards a unified vision of helping India achieve its Carbon Neutrality goals. Hitachi has been helping in the transformation of the Technological Hub of India, Bengaluru through offering solutions across varied business proficiencies including Railways, R&D, and Financial Inclusivity. The collaboration with NASH INDUSTRIES will further support in cementing our century old legacy Globally and more than nine decades of presence in India.”

At the launch, Mr. Sanjay Wadhwa, Managing Director, NASH INDUSTRIES, says, “We have been exchanging ideas regarding BLDC motor controller solutions for the last two years, and are honoured to partner with Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., to create solutions for the Indian market. This progressive partnership will result in a high-calibre and dependable product solution for the Indian market. Hitachi has offered sustained technical assistance and support for the development of controllers with their superior quality IC Chips, and this flourishing collaboration with Nash will help in building a Sustainable Ecosystem for society and people at large.”

The production of BLDC motor with Hitachi’s IC will commence at the end of May 2023.

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