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Alternators, Regulators, and Rectifiers

Our perpetual manufacturing endeavours within the automobile industry have positioned us as one of the leaders in driving efficiency across European and indigenous spare parts aftermarket. With an extensive automotive product-line, Hitachi Automotive Systems have established progressive benchmarks by recording consistent output over three decades of operations.

Alternator Spare Parts

The working of a precision-made alternator commands the efficient functioning and performance of an automobile. Regulated electric supply is crucial in ascertaining the operational viability of the vehicle. Hitachi Automotive Systems capitalizes on its sizable expertise in manufacturing superlative alternator spare parts that optimize electric supply and enhance system dependability.


Ignition Modules

Our exhaustive testing environment helps, manufacture ignition modules that withstand the test of time while having active safety mechanisms in place. By utilizing decades of performance outputs, we have developed production techniques that consistently forge high-calibre ignition modules. Click to learn more about Hitachi Automotive Systems’ ignition modules.


Fuel Pump Relays

By studying numerous fuel pump relay prototypes, Hitachi Automotive Systems have established better safety standards across varied vehicle-segments. We have set-up proficient assembly lines to manufacture industry-leading relays that prioritize performance and safety during adverse conditions.


Glow Plug Relays

We manufacture glow plug relays that actively monitor and extend adaptive functionality according to weather conditions. Hitachi Automotive Systems’ plug relays offer performance standards that regulate glow plug temperature levels in diesel-fuelled vehicles. Explore more to understand how our all-weather relays curb pre-heating time of plugs in passenger vehicles.


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