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Hitachi in India

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Hitachi LED Televisions

LED Televisions

Hitachi LED TVs


Hitachi's first TV model was released in 1956 and, since then, we have continued to present technologically superior products to consumers across the world. The LED TVs Hitachi currently offers are available in 81 cm (32" diagonal), 102 cm (40" diagonal) and 127 cm (50" diagonal) sizes. All of these TVs have full high definition/high resolution monitors, digital video broadcasting terrestrial digital tuners and LED backlights. Hitachi's LED TVs are compatible with various kinds of media inputs (video/music/photo/text). Some of the TV models have Opera store and mirroring features as well.

The features listed above offer a range of benefits to the consumers. The full high definition/high resolution monitors provide accuracy of colour and a crystal clear and blur free viewing experience from all angles. Colours are rendered superbly by the LED backlights which also contribute to the slim design of the display. Digital video broadcasting terrestrial digital tuners provide more flexibility and robustness for digital video broadcasting without a set top box. The Opera TV store lets consumers enjoy online content and apps while using a standard remote control's 4-way directional keys. Additionally, the mirroring feature enables tablet or smartphone content to be sent wirelessly to the TV screen.

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