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Hitachi Three Door Refrigerators

Three Door Refrigerators

Three Door Refrigerators French Bottom Freezer Series

Three Door Refrigerators (French Bottom Freezer)

Hitachi’s Solfege series refrigerators keep vegetables and other food items fresh by maintaining optimum levels of humidity. The refrigerators have large door pockets which are suitably wide and enable the storage of big size bottles. The Solfege refrigerators also have sliding double deck drawers, slide out fresh rooms and three-way flexible shelves. The French Bottom Freezer series refrigerators provide energy saving and efficient use through their optimum cooling system controlled by Eco Thermo Sensors’ microcomputers. The refrigerators are equipped with Nano titanium filters to remove bacteria and bad odour from the air within the refrigerator. Hitachi refrigerators feature easily cleanable door gaskets which are mold-proof and ensure that the food remains fresh longer. In addition, flat panel glass touchscreen controls are incorporated into the door to enable you to change settings very easily.

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