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Healthcare Solutions

Hitachi aims to develop economically viable and advanced healthcare solutions aimed at benefiting the society. We have a strong reputation for providing reliable, stable and user-friendly healthcare and medical treatment equipment. Our treatment and diagnostic imaging systems include particle beam therapy system, computed tomography system, magnetic resonance imaging system, ultrasound system and optical topography system.

Computed Tomography Systems

Hitachi offers CT systems that provide uncompromising levels of quality with refined user-friendliness, ease of workflow and image clarity. These systems utilize the latest technology and are designed to be compact with versatility and adaptability for your use now and in the future.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

Our MRI systems provide greater usability and are highly reliable and practical. Hitachi offers a combination of traditional open MRI technologies as well as superconductive MRI application technologies which are newly developed.

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Ultrasound System

Hitachi's ultrasound systems allow instant and accurate diagnosis by providing clinical images of high quality. The use of superior technology has led Hitachi to design compact, versatile and powerful ultrasound systems that contribute to efficient and comfortable examinations.

Explore the latest Hitachi Ultrasound Systems.

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Optical Topography System

These systems involve the use of near-infrared spectroscopy for investigating a cerebral hemodynamic through a non-invasive tool. Optical topography provides an unprecedented glimpse into the working of the human brain and allows real time brain activity measurement.

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Particle Beam Therapy System

Hitachi has over 20 years of experience in particle therapy technology. Particle Beam Therapy or PBT is our new innovative solution for the cancer therapy. PBT, an emerging technology, maximizes energy doses to the target tumor while ensuring lower dose exposure to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Learn everything you need to know about the Hitachi Particle Beam Therapy System.

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