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Advanced Components and Materials

The necessity of a rapidly growing competitive market demands utilization of state-of-the-art equipment to meet business needs. Hitachi Metals specializes in the manufacture of advanced components and materials that utilize advanced technology. Our extensive product line includes cutting-edge components & materials useable across multiple industries.

Automotive-Related Products

The striving demands of the automotive industry require implementation of efficient techniques- at the macro and micro levels. Hitachi Metals, provides robust solutions like drive motors, inverter parts, and exhaust systems which are actively improving the overall efficiency and energy conservation. Thus, accelerating the evolution of automobiles with our development and superior technological capabilities.


Electronics-Related Products

Hitachi Metals understands the growing necessities of constantly evolving video/IT equipment, home appliances, batteries and medical devices business environment. To meet such increasingly diverse needs, we leverage our expertise in high-performance components and material to ensure thorough compatibility between design and production. Browse and learn more about capabilities of Hitachi Electronics products.


Infrastructure-Related Products

Strengthening the foundations of the social infrastructure is at the forefront of our objectives. From manufacturing steadfast aircraft components to heavy industrial equipment, our innovative technologies function as an enabler for a nation’s reliable & innovative social infrastructure needs. For decades, Hitachi Metals has been consistently producing diverse range of products including energy-related products, materials for aircraft components, piping equipment, information network, industrial equipment, rolling stock products and rubber and others. Learn more about Hitachi Infrastructure-Related Products.


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