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Amorphous Material

The primary attributes of Hitachi’s amorphous material are higher magnetic susceptibility, higher electrical resistance, and reduced coercivity. This three-tier combination achieves desired outcomes concerning energy savings resulting in long-term efficiency. Our list of amorphous materials produces remarkable results when used in industrial electric grids and transformers.

Amorphous Metal Core for Transformer

Sustainability resides and resonates in the essence of every product we create. Hitachi’ amorphous metal cores consistently aid in fulfilling performance objectives and curtail electricity loss to yield higher savings. Our metal cores are designed to manifest sustainability by harnessing the massive potential of solar and wind energy.


Amorphous Metal Metglas® and Nanocrystalline Material FINEMET®

Hitachi’s Metglas® and FINEMET® contain random atomic and molecular structures leading to higher permeability and reduced levels of coercivity. This structure creates a smooth passage for electromagnetic particles to pass through, catalysing cost savings and elevates the functioning of the inductor and transformer. Get complete information about Amorphous & FINEMET® cut cores.


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