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Hitachi Energy Storage Devices and Systems

Energy Storage Devices and Systems

Hitachi Chemical is engaged in the development of technologically-advanced energy storage devices and systems. Our product range includes a wide variety of lead-acid batteries, lithium ion batteries for industrial use and aluminum electrolytic capacitors. While Hitachi Chemical industrial batteries find use in infrastructure and renewable energy power sector, our capacitors are absolutely vital for the high technology industry.

Hitachi Industrial Batteries

Industrial Batteries

Stationary lead-acid batteries are becoming exceedingly popular in various industry sectors. Hitachi Chemical leverages its expertise in energy storage to produce industrial batteries that supply energy and provide support for almost all industrial applications. Our range of industrial batteries is available for infrastructure and renewable energy power sector and telecommunication fields, among others.

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Hitachi Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment

Hitachi Chemical offers a wide variety of electrical equipment and power supply systems that act as a deterrent against power failure while ensuring stable supply of energy. As a distinguished manufacturer of batteries and electrical machinery, Hitachi Chemical provides DC power supply units for power equipment, DC power supply systems for communication equipment and UPS for a range of applications.

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Hitachi Capacitors


Hitachi Chemical is among the top few providers of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and plastic film capacitors. Our complete line up of capacitors incorporate advanced technology and exhibit features such as large capacitance, high ripple current, ultra high voltage, long life and high reliability, to name a few.

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