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Hitachi Escalators


Energy-Efficient Escalator Solutions


For the efficiency to move a large number of people with least waiting time, escalators have become increasingly popular in the urban setup. Hitachi, with its deep expertise in electrical and electronic technology has been able to develop escalators which are slimmer, energy-efficient and more user- friendly than before.

Hitachi is the first in the industry to have introduced escalators with stainless steel steps. The pressed stainless steel plates being less prone to deformation by sharp objects, last longer. The energy efficiency is achieved via a technologically advanced drive mechanism engineered specifically to enhance drive transmission efficiency and reduce friction. It results in significant reduction in energy consumption.

Hitachi escalators can also be tailored to meet the varying installation requirements and customer taste. The customers can choose from a wide variety of customization options such as handrail light, foot light and demarcation lamps, among others.

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