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Information & Control Systems

Utilizing its trusted expertise in Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT), Hitachi provides highly efficient and reliable industrial systems and solutions that facilitate smart management of thermal power plants, energy transmission lines, railway lines and large-sized steel plants.

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Information & Control Systems

Hitachi leverages its proficiency in the latest digital technologies to supply complete automation and control system solutions for manufacturing, power and other industries. Our advanced information and control systems empower industries to measure, monitor and optimize the increasingly complex operations of critical systems such as:

  • Smart Grids
  • Electric Power Protection and Control Systems
  • Thermal and Hydro-electric Power Generation Systems
  • Steel Plant Control Systems

Besides enabling companies to multiply their business growth through consistent production quality, increased throughput and lower production costs, our process control systems also guarantee maximum energy efficiency for sustainable growth and achieving a low-carbon society.

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