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(released in July, 2014)

Success- Secure and stable, Hitachi's innovative ATM technology helps achieve great results

During 2012-13, Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) continued to pursue its growth trajectory by adding 100 branches and 457 ATMs (including both cash recycling ATM as automated direct cash deposit terminal and cash dispensing ATM) throughout India. After keen competition, the Hitachi Cash Recycling ATM was chosen as the preferred direct cash deposit terminal solution. To date, the bank has installed 153 units with more installation anticipated in the near future.

The seamless integration of the Hitachi Cash Recycling ATM into the service spectrum of KVB has yielded several positive results for the institution:

  • Many people prefer to use the Cash Recycling ATM for deposit transactions, and KVB is very satisfied with its performance. Some of the Cash Recycling ATMs handle around 300 transactions per day. Owing to the contribution of the Cash Recycling ATM, KVB has succeeded in reducing one to two teller windows per branch.
  • KVB started 24/7 deposit transaction service by using the Cash Recycling ATM. The bank is now able to support deposit transactions even after branch hours with a small investment. The state-of-the-art ATM terminal solution has witnessed increased customer acceptance with its customer-friendly design and multimedia-based step-by-step operation guidance.
  • Even compared to cash dispensing ATM which works on a simple mechanism, Hitachi Cash Recycling ATM operates with quite a low downtime rate caused by the Cash Recycling ATM's failure.
  • Automation of cash transactions and minimal human intervention has resulted in a high-level of reliability and has also improved the efficiency of banking operations.
  • KVB customers get to enjoy the convenience of performing cash transactions 24/7 owning to the bank's recently incorporated Cash Recycling ATMs.

These major milestones have also been achieved because of the unit's ability to perform securely and its flexible design. Additionally, factors such as the unit's stable performance, robust design which keeps the unit functional in adverse climactic conditions and near-zero failure record, have also contributed to Karur Vysya Bank's decision to acquire and deploy the Hitachi Cash Recycling ATM all over India. With this great success with KVB, Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions continues to develop innovative banking solutions in India.

State-of-the-art ATM Technology- Success

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Note: "BNA (Bunch Note Acceptor) is the industrial term of Cash Deposit ATM in India"

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Release Date:
July 2014

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ATM Solution

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Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions