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Case Studies

(released in January, 2015)

Green Technology with Uncompromised Quality

Olympia Opaline echoes Olympia Group's mission- 'leave a 'Green' footprint across the nation'. Olympia Group took every care to ensure minimal environmental impact right from the beginning of the project to the execution.

Affirming its commitment to conserve environment, Olympia Group decided to have an environment-friendly custom elevator system deployed across its towers, villas and apartments. The elevator system that Olympia patrons envisioned was to meet the Olympia Opaline's serviceability requirements and achieve its energy efficiency goals.

An in-depth research and analysis on the latest elevator systems available in the market. As an outcome, it helped Olympia Group lay down certain technology parameters that reflected its vision and were crucial for winning this prestigious project.

Following were the expectations laid down by Olympia:

  • Energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint, a prerequisite.
  • Strong emphasis on compliance with international quality standards with all safeties intact, maximum up time, and minimum possible lead-time.
  • Must-have compact installation dimensions unlike conventional elevators systems with bulkier machine rooms.

The expectations served as clear guidelines in order to be considered for the mega residential project.

Pioneers in world class elevators - Expectation

Play the video "Pioneers in world class elevators - Expectation" (Time - 01 minutes 15 seconds)

Customer: Olympia Group

Industries: Lifts

Region: India

Release Date: January, 2015

Products & Services: Elevators

Solutions By: Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Limited