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Case Studies

(released in January, 2015)

Precisely Mapped Solutions

The expectations laid down by Olympia Group provided vendors with clear guidelines to follow. Based on these expectations, Hitachi engineered just the right elevator solution for the Olympia Opaline residential project.

Moreover, to instill confidence and give insights in to Hitachi's mega-expertise, overwhelming design and manufacturing capabilities, Hitachi Lift India invited representatives from Olympia Group to its facilities overseas.

After scrutinizing the proposed Hitachi elevator solution and experiencing first-hand Hitachi expertise at its overseas facilities, Olympia Group appointed Hitachi Lift India as the official technology partner for elevators at Olympia Opaline.

Hitachi proposed Olympia three custom elevators systems- HGP mini-machine room system, VFI system and Home Elevators. Three different elevator systems were offered considering that the Olympia Opaline was going to house different Sky villas and apartments across multiple towers. In order to enable Olympia Group attain its carbon-footprint goals, it was important to map the elevator systems precisely to the requirements of each tower, villa and apartment. Hitachi's international and Indian experts worked closely with each other to realize the expectations Olympia had set forth.

Hitachi exceeded expectations of Olympia Group with regards to technology, environmental harmony, space optimization, efficiency and reliability. Following are the features of Hitachi elevators, that pushed Olympia Group closer towards their goals:

Energy Efficiency

Without attaining energy efficiency a project cannot aspire to be environment friendly. The conventional elevators lacked energy efficiency, and therefore, could not be considered for Olympia Opaline. Hitachi with a clear environmental vision helped Olympia overcome this hurdle by offering the most energy efficient elevator systems. The next generation technology intrinsic to HGP system, VFI system, and Home Elevators enables Hitachi elevator systems to save significant amount of energy consumption compared to the conventional elevator systems.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)

The futuristic Olympia Group wanted to embrace the advanced Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) technology. The latest technology though globally popular, is still newer to conventional elevator suppliers in India. However, HGP and VFI system are based on this new technology. The elevator system feature gearless traction machine that not only renders mechanical efficiency but also makes them highly energy efficient compared to conventional elevator systems.

Space Optimization

The elevator systems were to have compact dimensions in order to save space for free convenient use. With Hitachi experts at the helm of affairs, achieving space savings was easier than Olympia Group experts had thought of. HGP system utilizes a mini-machine-room and a thinner control panel to make it possible. Moreover, Hitachi Home Elevators are based on machine room-less concept which means more available space and reduced energy consumption.

Compliance with International Standards

Project of the scale of Olympia Opaline was going to serve as a commercial real estate benchmark in the years to come. Hence, the compliance with international standards was emphasized upon by the Olympia Group. HGP system, VFI system and Home Elevators meet the highest international standards of quality, efficiency, safety and reliability with years of R&D going into the design and development of each elevator system.

Olympia Opaline is now home to hundreds of families. The project as promised, is offering residents a lifestyle of sophistication and luxury in the lap of nature. Hitachi is proud to be associated with Olympia Opaline, and being a part of its success story.

Pioneers in world class elevators - Solution

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Customer: Olympia Group

Industries: Lifts

Region: India

Release Date: January, 2015

Products & Services: Elevators

Solutions By: Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Limited