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Hitachi Group Companies


Allied JB Friction Private Limited
Allied JB Friction deals in quality automotive components and materials for both two wheelers and four wheelers.
Aloka Trivitron Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Aloka Trivitron, a pioneer in ultrasound technology, offers world-class imaging solutions and medical equipment.


Cumulus Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Cumulus Systems scalable and analytical qualities are used in performance assessment, infrastructure discovery, capacity planning, chargeback reporting, data protection analysis, etc.


Hitachi Automotive Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems deals in the manufacture, marketing, sales and service of components related to automotive industry, industrial systems and machines, etc.
Hitachi Automotive Systems Pune (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems Pune is a leading renowned manufacturer and exporter of high quality and durable automotive electronic parts.
Hitachi Chemical India Private Limited
Hitachi Chemical India provides two and four wheeler manufacturers powdered metal products for engine and transmission components.
Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Consulting Software Services spearheads IT services in India and provides modern and successful business consulting solutions.
Hitachi High Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi High Technologies assist industrial clients from product development till marketing.
Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics is a pioneer in clean and stable power, industrial power electronics and power conditioning products.
Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Lift develops advanced solutions like elevators, escalators and moving walkways specifically designed for the users.
Hitachi Metals (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Metals provides highest-quality technology and has outstanding development capabilities.
Hitachi Payment Services Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Payment Services is a leading payment services provider offering innovative, secure, cost effective and comprehensive payment services i.e. ATM services, Point of Sale services (POS), Emerging Payments as well as Banking Channel Products such as Cash Recycling ATMs and Auto Passbook Entry Machines.
Hitachi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Solutions provides user friendly and powerful industry solutions that are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd.
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic (HISYS-MC) is a System Integration company providing end to end IT solution with advanced technology driven solutions in the field of Infrastructure, Networking, Security and Availability to clients across different industry verticals.
Hitachi Vantara India Private Limited
Hitachi Vantara India Private Limited boosts business growth by providing insight into complex and large amount of business data through scalable solutions.


Quality Life Enterprise (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery is the recognized leader in construction equipment industry in India.

* Subsidiary of equity method associates and joint ventures