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Case Studies

(released in January, 2015)

An Introduction to Hitachi Lift and Olympia

Olympia Group was born out of the alliance of The Khivraj Group, The Space Group and The MK Group. The maiden venture of the group, the Olympia Technology Park was highly successful and was accorded the status of "Largest LEED Gold rated Green Building in the World".

Olympia Group went a step further with Olympia Opaline, its residential venture, and built it using environment-friendly construction materials and techniques. Having set high standards, Olympia Opaline also required a world-class elevator system that would meet the international standards of quality and energy conservation. For the purpose, the group evaluated a number of elevator system providers in India. Upon in-depth evaluation, Hitachi Lift India emerged as Olympia's official technology partner for the elevators at its Opaline project.

Hitachi has close to 100 years of experience in the research and manufacturing of world-class elevators. Hitachi has state-of-the-art R&D facilities in Japan, and an ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Singapore. As an expert, Hitachi realizes the importance of an elevator system in determining the degree of serviceability of a high-rise.

Having evaluated and assimilated the physical and technical requirements set by the Olympia Group, Hitachi offered three unique custom elevator systems: Hitachi Gearless Passenger elevator (HGP) mini-machine room system, VFI system and Home Elevators.

Some of the salient features that made Hitachi elevator systems apt for Olympia Opaline are:

  • HGP mini-machine-room elevator utilizes a mini-machine-room, and a thinner control panel to facilitate space savings of up to 56%.
  • Hitachi home elevators are machine room-less and facilitate maximum space-saving.
  • HGP elevators feature Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with gearless traction machine which improves mechanical efficiency and saves up to 30% energy.
  • Other energy saving features intrinsic to Hitachi elevator systems include automatic dimming indication light, automatic turn-off of elevator light & fan and all buttons using LED lights.
  • The serial communication system in Hitachi elevator systems allows transmission channels to work faster and smoother by effectively boosting the precision and speed of signal transmission.
  • The integration of tactile button, LCD display and voice synthesizer allows VFI system to respond to different aspects of the human sense - friendly touch, sight and hearing.
  • Hitachi elevator systems feature multi-beam door sensor which prevents user from being caught by closing doors.

This case study talks about the journey that led to the association between Olympia Group and Hitachi Lift India and the challenges Olympia Group faced in terms of building operations, space management and energy savings.

It showcases the highly-advanced elevator systems offered by Hitachi Lift India, followed by an insight into the benefits of the elevator systems.

Pioneers in world class elevators - Overview

Play the video "Pioneers in world class elevators - Overview" (Time - 01 minutes 56 seconds)

Customer: Olympia Group

Industries: Lifts

Region: India

Release Date: January, 2015

Products & Services: Elevators

Solutions By: Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Limited