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High Function Materials & Components

Drawing on a base of original technologies built over several decades, Hitachi develops materials and components that satisfy the needs of society. Our amorphous metals are used to build transformers that are small, light and highly efficient. Similarly, our rare-earth magnets help to achieve smaller size, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and lower energy consumption in a variety of applications.

Energy Storage Devices & Systems

Hitachi provides a number of technological approaches to manage power supply. This helps in creating a more resilient energy infrastructure and also brings down cost to utilities and consumers. Our cutting-edge energy storage devices and systems such as industrial lead-acid batteries offer unmatched energy efficiency and support in various industrial applications.

Learn more about Hitachi Energy Storage Devices and Systems.

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Polymer Science Materials

Our experience in polymer science materials dates back to the year 1912 when Hitachi Chemical began research into the domestic production of electrical insulation varnishes. Over the years, we have ushered new technologies and innovated the existing ones to develop resins and electrical insulating materials for use in a wide variety of applications.

Explore Hitachi Polymer Science Materials.

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Inorganic & Printed Wiring Board Materials

Hitachi is a global solution provider of inorganic and printed wiring board materials. With over 80 years of experience in inorganic materials, Hitachi provides a variety of products including ceramics, process materials for PWBs that contribute to society.

For more information, visit Hitachi Inorganic and Printed Wiring Board Materials.

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Electronics Materials

Hitachi is a one-stop shop for electronic materials used for high technology equipments and parts. We offer sophisticated semiconductor and display related materials, along with components for information and telecommunication equipment.

Find out more about Hitachi Components for Information and Telecommunication Equipment and Semiconductor and Display Related Materials.

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Amorphous Material

Our earth-friendly high-technology amorphous material can help reduce no-load loss in distribution transformers significantly compared to those using grain-oriented electrical steel. Being made from recyclable material, Hitachi amorphous core also contributes to the cause of environmental sustainability.

Learn more about Amorphous Material provided by Hitachi.

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Advanced Components & Materials

Hitachi provides a wide variety of advanced components and materials. We have several years of experience in different materials and advanced technology. We are a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art rolls for steel manufacturers, specialty steel for moulds & tools, ferrite magnets, automotive castings and cable products.

Discover Hitachi Advanced Components and Materials.

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