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Information Technology

With automation, data analytics and cloud computing transforming processes and operations across domains in India, the requirement for intelligent technology solutions is a constant. Hitachi leverages decades of experience in OT x IT solutions to provide organizations with the advantage of optimized IT costs and agility.

Payment Solutions

Supporting Reserve Bank of India’s vision to empower the society with efficient e-payment solutions by 20211, Hitachi offers a myriad of advanced payment solutions. We employ our rich knowledge as leading providers of comprehensive digital & cash payment solutions to offer cost-effective and innovation solutions, that include, Payment Gateway Solutions, Cash Recycling Machines and ATM services.

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Information Management and
Social Innovation Solutions

Hitachi delves deep into a century of proficiency in advanced solutions to provide superlative information technology services and solutions that increase managerial efficiency, improve IT cost and enhance agility. With social innovation at the core, we engage the information available to bring transformation to society.

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Casting Simulation Software

Sophisticated casting simulation software ADSTEFAN, commercially available from Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, is empowering Indian foundries and die makers by offering practical and affordable casting simulation systems that enhance their quality and productivity.

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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

At Hitachi, we aspire to innovate technological solutions that encourage social progression. Hitachi’s Intelligent Transport System is supported by extensive expertise in advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, Big Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis. We offer effective solutions for smoother traffic flow, seamless public transit, optimized parking and enhanced citizen safety. We aid in the promotion of modal shift and profit optimization through our potent bus management solutions. The futuristic version of Hitachi’s ITS aims to deliver the convenience of timely and secure transportation of people and freight.

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IT Services & Solutions

The digital revolution has made it crucial for businesses to reconstruct and upgrade their infrastructure and operations. Hitachi, as a forerunner in end-to-end IT services and solutions, aids organizations in taking advantage of the futuristic IT resources available. We deliver innovations in Information Infrastructure, Availability, Networking, Security and Services.

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Software Solutions

With years of competence in advanced software solutions, Hitachi designs effective strategies and innovative technologies that deliver results across diverse domains. Our services include Software Product Engineering, Application Development and Integration, Managed Services, Enterprise Application and Software and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP.

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Data Center Solutions

With digitalization, data and infrastructure is becoming increasingly virtualized making capable data center solutions imperative for proper storage, networking and protection of this virtual information. Hitachi’s MARS, is a Virtual Infrastructure Optimization solution, which records real-time data and provides detailed analysis that aids in enhanced performance and efficient vendor practices.

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Geographical Information System Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System integrates customer data onto a map visualizing the data and leads to a more efficient and precise operational flow. Our Geographical Information System has helped clients succeed in various fields such as electrical power, communications, gas, public sector, government and finance.

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