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Automotive Solution

Hitachi offers a wide range of automotive solutions and technologies for the evolution of next-generation automobiles. Hitachi's current range of automotive products in India includes parts & materials, alternators, regulators, rectifiers, relays, air flow sensors, ignition products (coils, modules, cables) and fuel pumps.

Parts & Materials

Hitachi supplies high-quality automotive components to a large number of well-known vehicle manufacturers. We are engaged in the development, manufacture, sales and service of automotive components and systems. Hitachi is actively involved in providing various parts and materials such as Nikkaloy, automotive products and automotive electronic components to cater to the needs of international automotive market.

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Alternators, Regulators & Rectifiers

Regulators and rectifiers are critical electronic parts of an alternator. For an alternator to ensure constant supply of electric power to the entire vehicle, regulators and rectifiers must function properly. Faulty regulators and rectifiers may eventually harm the electrical equipment. Hitachi Automotive Systems manufactures world-class alternators, regulators and rectifiers for international automotive electronics market.

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