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Case Studies

(released in January, 2015)

Space Utilization, Energy Savings and Enhanced Response Time

Hitachi Lift India's contribution towards the making of Olympia Opaline proved fruitful and it takes immense pride in being associated with the project. HGP system, VFI system and Home Elevators have helped Olympia Opaline to accomplish its goals and achieve unprecedented success in the real estate industry.

Olympia Opaline has been deemed as one of the most eco-friendly real estate projects of recent times. It has also been revered as a futuristic and innovative pan-India realty development.

Some of the key achievements made by the Olympia Opaline are as follows:

  • Up to 30% more energy conservation after installation of the HGP and VFI elevator systems.
  • Up to 56% more space utilization concept from HGP mini-machine room elevator system.
  • The intelligent serial communication system has led to enhanced response speed of the elevator cars resulting in less wait time for the passenger.

Owing to Olympia Group's determination and faith in the Hitachi expertise, Hitachi Lift India was able to deliver befitting elevating solution to the Olympia Opaline. The partnership between Olympia Group and Hitachi Lift India has been mutually beneficial. Hitachi manages to secure the confidence of Olympia Group and has won numerous repeat orders for a large number of ongoing and future Olympia Group real estate projects.

Pioneers in world class elevators - Success

Play the video "Pioneers in world class elevators - Success" (Time - 02 minutes 25 seconds)

Customer: Olympia Group

Industries: Lifts

Region: India

Release Date: January, 2015

Products & Services: Elevators

Solutions By: Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Limited