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Hitachi empowers financial institutions as well as merchant /
e-commerce aggregators with a comprehensive array of
technology-led payment solutions. Our solutions deliver
secure, reliable payment transaction processing services that
enable high customer satisfaction and have redefined the way
payments are fulfilled today.

  • ATM Services

  • Cash Recycling Machines

  • POS Solutions

  • Internet Payment Gateway Solutions

ATM Services

With proven expertise in ATM outsourcing and a highly efficient nationwide network, financial institutions confidently rely on the distinctive end-to-end proposition that Hitachi Payment Services offers in developing & managing ATM channels. Additionally our co-branded White Label ATM model is ideal for banks, co-operative banks as well as co-operative credit societies that are looking at providing ATM services to their customers.


Cash Recycling Machines

The ATM cash management process is operationally tedious as it involves multiple activities including cash counting, cash sorting and cash transportation across multiple touch points and stakeholders. Our Cash Recycling Machines (CRMs) enable recycling of deposited cash for withdrawals and reduces most of these challenges by reducing the cash movement. CRMs need fewer numbers of cash replenishment, thereby reducing cash-in-transit costs, cash sorting and handling costs. Additionally, automation of cash deposits enables better utilisation of the teller’s time for revenue generating activities. 24x7 availability for cash deposit and cash withdrawal enhances customer convenience and is particularly useful for small businesses.Our CRMs further enrich overall customer trust and credibility with the functionality of authenticating notes of different denominations and instantaneous credit to account. Since CRMs are interoperable as well, their deployment can also translate into an additional revenue opportunity for banks. As the market leader in cash recycling technology, our CRMs use advanced hardware and software technologies, as well as high levels of information security to provide unmatched reliability and security.


POS Solutions

As a leading digital payment solutions provider, we offer end-to-end POS processing services to augment your merchant acquiring business. Our comprehensive and cost effective transaction processing services gives you the edge in providing innovative, seamless and secure cashless payments.


Internet Payment Gateway Solutions

Advanced trends and technologies emanating from the digital wave consistently sweep the payment systems in India with positive imprints. Stemming from Hitachi’s philosophy of constant innovation, we delve beyond POS channels and ATM’s to offer digital payment solutions. These include end-to-end e-commerce processing services, merchant aggregator solutions and card issuance solutions.


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