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Rail Systems

A robust and efficient rail transport system is a powerful force in transforming the urban and rural India, fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Hitachi, with its holistic rail system integration and manufacturing solutions, leverages state-of-the-art technology to support a smart railway system that enhances the Quality of Life of citizens.

Rolling Stock

The modernization of Indian railways has propelled the need for energy-efficient rolling stock, high on reliability, speed, safety, and efficiency. New materials, optimized train shaping, and aerodynamic designs promise cost-effective and energy-efficient trains with lower environmental impact. Hitachi’s future-ready rolling stock maximizes safety and economies of scale, improves energy efficiency, and ushers in world-class rail infrastructure.


On-board Components

Powerful transformational changes are underway for building an agile and energy-efficient rail network. As one of the preferred propulsion unit providers to Japan’s largest railway operators, Hitachi is leveraging its technical expertise and innovative capabilities to develop in-house on-board rolling stock components such as ATI, HVAC, CPU Core Unit & Traction Housing for superior long-term performance of rolling stocks.


Signalling and Traffic Management Systems​

Digital transformation of railways sees digital signalling and advanced train control systems replacing the conventional rail signalling. With its state-of-the-art signalling technologies such as digital Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), Hitachi leads the Indian rail digital revolution. Hitachi’s advanced traffic management system provides real-time information on train movement, detects and resolves conflicts, relays warnings, and automatically readjusts the train’s operations in case of disruption, promising a seamless journey for the customer.​


Service Solutions

Developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) promise the arrival of an Intelligent Transport System that enhances operational efficiency and meets passenger expectations. Hitachi’s smart passenger/information service solutions, encompassing on-board passenger information display, advertising management, smart card management, and seat reservation systems, help the railways take the big leap to intelligent rail system and deliver excellent customer service.

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