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Mid-term Management Plan 2024

Realizing a Sustainable Society
Through Green, Digital
& Innovation

Embracing the dynamic transformations fostered by emerging technologies and a volatile, uncertain business landscape, Hitachi is reinvigorating its Social Innovation Business to pioneer innovations and technologies that foster a sustainable society. Now more than ever, sustainability and carbon neutrality are being seen as an integral component of business development and nation building.

To chart an all-embracing, future-ready blueprint for its expansive array of businesses in the new era, Hitachi, Ltd. announced its forward looking 2024 Mid-term Management Plan (MMP 2024) that affirms its commitment to improve people’s well-being and respect planetary boundaries.

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Hitachi India is steadfastly committed towards co-creating a better future using the power of data and technology. As a long-standing partner of India’s growth story, we will continue to harness our core strengths in IT (Information Technology) × OT (Operational Technology) × Products, and Lumada to drive all-inclusive, sustainable development.

Key Takeaways from MMP 2024

Support people’s quality of life with data and technology that fosters a sustainable society

At the same time, Hitachi India is continuously evolving, adapting, and transforming to meet the pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges of our time. To emphasize the significance of building a sustainable society, our management at Hitachi has chronicled a strategic, progressive growth-oriented MMP 2024 that places Green, Digital, and Innovation at the heart of the growth strategy to steer society’s transition towards a greener, healthier future.

Building a Resilient Business


Hitachi’s business acumenship is strongly reflected in its footprints cemented across industries and verticals. Aligning itself with the transforming business ecosystem, Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is focused on a new business structure, which involves the following 4 key sectors:

Witness Sustainability in Action

Digital Systems &

Support evolution of society through digital transformation and leading CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems)


Advance smart industry solutions and build resilient supply chains that contribute towards revitalizing industries and cities

Systems Business

Contribute to electric vehicles (EV) and autonomous driving

Green Energy &

Accelerate the shift towards energy that is clean, safe, and affordable, and eco-friendly mobility as we move towards a decarbonized society

Delivering Value to

Customers and Society

At Hitachi, the most important aspect in realizing the vision of Social Innovation Business is people, including our employees. In our pursuit to contribute towards building a sustainable society, we consistently strive to “Provide value to customers and society through the enhancement of human capital.” The following key themes are covered under these:

Value to Customers and Society

  • Environment

    Decarbonization, resource circulation

  • Resilience

    Maintain social infrastructure

  • Safety & Security

    Maintain social infrastructure

  • Healthcare

    Maintain social infrastructure

Enhancement of Human Capital

  • Harmonious Coexistence of People and Nature

    Decarbonization, Circular Economy

  • DEI

    Power of diversity

  • Integrity in Management

    Ethics and human rights

  • Enhancing Quality of Life

    Employee engagement

Planetary Boundaries


Contributing towards

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability lies at the core and purpose of all Hitachi endeavors. Under the Mid-term Management Plan 2024, we have outlined 13 SDGs where we believe we can have direct impact on and contribute towards realizing a sustainable society.

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