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Message from the
Managing Director
Bharat Kaushal

Making Sustainability a Part of our Work Ethos to Transform India Together!

At a pivotal juncture in its journey of progressive growth, India stands on the brink of sustainable transformation. Amidst unprecedented climate change impacts and growing socioeconomic disparities, India is resolutely striving to emerge as an exemplar of sustainable development. India’s recent G20 Presidency led under the inspiring theme of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (One Earth - One Family - One Future) heralds its confirmation as a global power and its commitment towards shaping a more equitable and environmentally conscious future. India leveraged this decisive platform to achieve consensus on New Delhi Leaders’ Summit Declaration which advocates for strong, sustainable, balanced, and inclusive growth, low-carbon emissions development pathways and promotion of lifestyles for sustainable development, adoption of digital public infrastructure, and full and effective implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In response to the clarion call of the Prime Minister of making India Atmanirbhar (Self-Reliant India) and Net Zero, Hitachi India is committed to realizing this ambitious vision. Our allegiance involves addressing societal challenges through cutting-edge OT x IT expertise and innovative solutions, all aimed at enhancing people’s wellbeing and protecting planetary boundaries. Aligned with our forward-looking Mid-term Management Plan 2024, we are determined to tackle the complexities brought by rapid urbanization by effectually utilizing technology and data that fosters a sustainable society. Guided by this objective, we have identified Green, Digital, and Innovation as the pivotal growth drivers, propelling us towards a brighter future.

For us, Sustainability is more than a commitment – it's our compass driving the endeavours in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

In our pursuit to building an equitable and progressive future, we have identified three key areas - Digital Systems and Services, Green Energy and Mobility, and Connective Industries.

Digital Systems and Services

Digital technologies have emerged as a transformative force, enabling access to essential public services accessible even in the most remote regions. Hitachi India takes pride in collaborating with the Government of India to bolster the nation's IT infrastructure, fostering progress across sectors such as Payments, Energy, e-Education, e-Healthcare, e-Governance, and Agriculture, propelling India onto the global stage.

Explore the diverse range of empowering solutions provided by Hitachi MGRM Net, including its e-Governance platform for education that is ushering coherence, transparency, and accessibility. Additionally, its healthcare solutions such as Telemedicine, ensure inclusive access to quality healthcare.

Hitachi MGRM Net: Adopting the Human Lifecycle Approach for Sustainable Living

With digital progressing expeditiously as the new normal in India, GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, is integrating its extensive digital engineering prowess, vertical industry expertise, and pool of varied IT solutions with a steadfast dedication towards environmental stewardship to power a greener digital future.

Beyond the array of e-Governance solutions that uplift communities, the triumph of Digital India echoes in the widespread adoption of diverse digital payment methods, spanning both rural and urban landscapes. Driving this inclusive wave, Hitachi Payment Services is delivering comprehensive cash and digital payment solutions, laying the foundation for a sustainable payments ecosystem that empowers every citizen financially.

Green Energy and Mobility

As India makes substantial strides towards adopting renewable energy, Hitachi India plays a pivotal role in advancing the country's energy landscape. Through close collaboration with our partners, we co-create innovative solutions to bolster India's power infrastructure. By enhancing smart grids and integrating renewable energy solutions, we contribute to India's ambitious goals of achieving 500GW renewable energy by 2030 and Net Zero by 2070.

Hitachi Energy in India is an integral partner in the achievement of this monumental task.

Explore the Electrifying Strides towards Sustainability by Hitachi Energy

Meanwhile, in the realm of mobility, India envisions a transformative shift to reduce carbon emissions and enhance travel convenience. The visionary National Rail Plan seeks to modernize the railway system by 2030, with a strong focus on sustainability and efficiency. As a dedicated partner, Hitachi India redefines the mobility landscape through integrated rail solutions that enhance both passenger and freight transport. Our collaboration with Indian Railways spans crucial projects, accelerating the digital and green transformation of railways. Additionally, our contributions to urban metro systems align with SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, promoting safe and comfortable commuting while fostering sustainable urban growth.

Join me in Hitachi Rail’s Journey towards Sustainable Mobility in India

Connective Industries

Hitachi India leads digital transformation, spurring sustainability and societal impact. From digitalizing water systems to advancing City Gas Distribution networks for clean energy and low-carbon growth, Hitachi India is merging OT x IT technologies. Simultaneously, our expertise in Digital, Green, and Innovation propels steel industry automation, nurturing a resilient social infrastructure.

R&D: Advancing Sustainability through Innovation

Hitachi India's R&D Centre stands at the forefront of driving sustainable progress, spearheading innovation in eco-centric technologies. From enhancing the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem through battery innovations to optimizing transportation systems and developing AI-driven solutions, Hitachi India R&D Centre is actively contributing to building greener, safer, and futuristic cities.

Witness the breakthroughs made by R&D for sustainable evolution

Let us usher in a better tomorrow by embracing sustainability and bringing a radical positive change around us. Keeping true to our belief of "Hitachi Social Innovation is POWERING GOOD", Hitachi India remains committed to help build a Sustainable India and make technology and innovation synonymous to green growth and prosperity.