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Hitachi Environmental
Innovation 2050

Our Environmental Vision and Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050

In response to the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in 2016 we established our Environmental Vision and a set of long-term environmental targets, Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050, and have been working toward achieving them.

According to our Environmental Vision, Hitachi will resolve environmental issues and achieve both a higher quality of life and a sustainable society through its Social Innovation Business in collaboration with its stakeholders. As a global leader, we will aim to globally build a low-carbon, a resource-efficient, and a harmonized society with nature.

The Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 is a set of long-term environmental targets looking toward 2030 and 2050 and we have been promoting Group-wide environmental activities in line with our Environmental Action Plan, which is updated every three years.

Hitachi in Action

Hitachi India is working incessantly to achieve its long-term environmental targets.

Towards Achieving a Decarbonized Society
    Long-term environmental targets
  • Achieve carbon neutrality throughout our value chain by 2050 and reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030.
  • Achieve carbon neutrality at business sites by 2030.
    What is Hitachi doing?
  • Expanding the decarbonization business
  • Improving the environmental performance of products and services through Environmentally Conscious Design Assessments
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality at business sites (factories and offices)
  • Introducing the Hitachi Internal Carbon Pricing (HICP) framework
  • Introducing renewable energy
Towards Achieving a Resource Efficient Society
    Long-term environmental targets
  • Build a society that uses water and other resources efficiently with customers and society
  • 50% improvement of efficiency in the use of water/resources by fiscal 2050 (compared to fiscal 2010 in the Hitachi Group)
    What is Hitachi doing?
  • Building a water-efficient society
  • Responding to water risks
  • Building a society that uses resources efficiently
  • Transitioning to a circular economy
Towards Achieving a Harmonized Society with Nature
    Long-term environmental targets
  • Minimize impact on natural capital
    What is Hitachi doing
  • Managing chemical substances in products and business operations
  • Promoting initiatives to preserve ecosystems and minimize the impact on natural capital