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Urban mobility plays an integral role in building sustainable cities and communities enhancing quality of people’s lives. As a prominent leader in rail and urban transportation both globally and in India, Hitachi Rail brings together its 360° array of mobility services to provide passengers, operators, and cities with an innovative approach to monitor, manage and navigate urban landscape. Driven by its long heritage of advancing sustainability, Hitachi Rail offers an integrated and sustainable mobility ecosystem, capable of contributing to the achievement of prosperity and people’s wellbeing in balance with natural capital.

SDG 9,11,13

Target 11.2 By 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all, improving road safety, notably by expanding public transport, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations, women, children, persons with disabilities and older persons.

Delivering a Sustainable, Safe, and High-Quality Railway

As a part of the Hitachi Group, our rail business is committed towards becoming a climate change innovator, striving to achieve carbon neutrality within our own operations by 2030, and across the entire value chain by 2050.
Our pioneering smart mobility solutions are helping cities and operators to reduce costs, carbon emissions and congestion, whilst also providing more options and convenience for passengers.

Rolling Stock
Digital Signalling and Systems
Smart Mobility
Service & Maintenance Solutions

Rolling Stock

With over a century of expertise, Hitachi Rail delivers a complete portfolio of smart, energy-efficient rolling stock across Commuter, Intercity, High-Speed, Tram, Monorail, Driverless, and Battery trains on a global scale.

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint- Our electric propulsion system and a combination of battery, 100% electric or hybrid technologies, reduce GHG emissions and air pollutants compared to traditional diesel-powered trains.
  • Eco-Designed Products- Hitachi Rail builds trains that are increasingly energy efficient with up to 95% of materials being recyclable at the end of a trains’ lifecycle. We became the world’s first train manufacturer to attain the rigorous PAS 2080 carbon reduction standard for the design, manufacture, and operations of the 100% electric HS2 fleet.
  • Smooth Travel Experience- Hitachi Rail focuses on reducing noise and vibration levels in our trains, minimizing disturbances for a seamless passenger experience.
  • High Reliability, Low Maintenance- Hitachi Rail's Perpetuum on-board condition monitoring system combines artificial intelligence and analytical tools to detect onboard faults or vibrations enabling high reliability, reduced maintenance, and increased availability of rolling stock.
  • Decarbonizing with Battery Trains- Enabling discontinuous electrification with battery technology can help network operators to reduce infrastructure costs while reducing reliance on diesel. Hitachi Rail’s battery trains provide the blueprint for thousands of kilometers of unelectrified railways worldwide.

Digital Signalling and Systems

Leveraging its expertise in OT and IT technologies, Hitachi Rail offers its proven Traffic Management System, Signalling & Train Control System in European Rail Traffic Management System/European Train Control System (ERTMS/ETCS), Satellite Positioning, and Communication-based Train Control (CBTC) for Automatic, Driverless & Unattended Train operations.

  • Increased Network Capacity- Augment safe and better ride comfort as well as shortened and dynamic train headway to increase overall network capacity, thereby optimizing resources.
  • Optimized Train Movement- Real-time monitoring and control of train movements allow for smoother acceleration, braking, and speed adjustments, thus minimizing energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions.
  • Enhanced Safety- Digital signalling systems can incorporate advanced safety features, such as collision avoidance and obstacle detection, reducing the likelihood of accidents and their associated environmental impacts.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making- Data collected from digital signalling systems can inform long-term planning and policy decisions aimed at making the entire transportation network more sustainable and efficient.

Smart Mobility

Hitachi’s Lumada Intelligent Mobility Management suite is an innovative and unique offering, built for passengers, public transport operators, and cities. It aims to help facilitate cost optimization, a congestion free world, and carbon emission reduction. The suite includes smart mobility solutions such as multi-modal passenger smartphone app – 360Pass, and an analytics platform that allows the operators and municipalities to optimize public transport networks in real-time – 360Motion.

  • Smart Ticketing: Our solutions enable passengers to use their mobiles for travel planning and payment across multiple modes of transport, including new 'hands-free' travel which is ticket-free, thus reducing paper waste and carbon footprints.
  • Electrified Mobility: The solution fortifies the growing e-Mobility ecosystem with e-Bus fleet battery and depot charging transformation services such as route optimization of e-Buses according to energy consumption, as well as smart charging parking lots for commuter EVs.
  • Traffic Flow Management: The 360Motion can simulate traffic patterns and optimize traffic flow in real time. By minimizing congestion and reducing idle times, vehicles consume less fuel and emit fewer pollutants.

Service & Maintenance Solutions

Hitachi Rail provides pioneering Service & Maintenance solutions for both rolling stocks and signalling installations, delivering best-in-class services that support customer operations and improve passenger experience.

  • Maximize Product Lifecycle- Asset management minimizes service disruptions, ensuring trains operate at peak efficiency, and reducing the need for emergency repairs or replacements.
  • Passenger-Friendly Services- Passenger information systems, CCTV coverage among others enhance security and convenience for passengers, contributing to making rail the preferred transportation option.

“Hitachi Rail is committed to becoming a Climate Change Innovator, creating low-carbon, sustainable solutions to decarbonize transport around the world in transition towards a Net Zero society. By strengthening railways, the arteries of sustainable mobility and lifeline of India, we are propelling the nation towards a greener future by connecting communities, curbing emissions, and fostering a world, where progress rides hand in hand with environmental stewardship.”

Mangal Dev
Head - Hitachi Rail India & South Asia, & Director, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

“By applying its suite of Smart Mobility solutions, Hitachi Rail strives to improve how public transport systems serve passengers across the entire journey, encouraging citizens to shift travel behaviours. Hitachi Rail designs, builds, and operates trains and offers a bouquet of other mobility solutions – giving people the opportunity to choose travel that is sustainable, as well as quick and convenient.”

Manoj Kumar Krishnappa
Director and Head, Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd.

Enabling Modal Shift - Strengthening Freight Transport

Railways is one of the safest and eco-friendly modes for transporting freight.
The ambitious Dedicated Freight Corridors – Eastern and Western Corridors (DFC) project initiated by the Government of India will play an integral role in putting the nation on a more environmentally responsible growth trajectory, helping to achieve carbon neutrality in the long run.
Hitachi Rail India is partnering with the Indian Railways in driving the success of the Western DFC project and in achieving the modal shift of reducing carbon footprints through greener railway solutions.

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