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Hitachi India’s

Hitachi India’s Sustainability Stories weaves together the vision of our multifarious businesses spread across industry verticals as we embark on a transformative journey towards a greener, more responsible future. Through these stories, we shine a light on our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement.

A Journey of Empowerment, Sustainable Transformation

Explore the impactful initiatives, pioneering technologies, and collaborative efforts shaping a sustainable India. Discover how Hitachi India is not just a corporate entity but a partner in progress, dedicated to building a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow for all. Experience our stories and be inspired by the positive change we are creating through collaborative creation with our partners.

Hitachi India R&D Centre

“At Hitachi India R&D Centre, we're not just committed; sustainability is ingrained in our ethos. We have a vision towards building a green and sustainable planet.
Leveraging AI, deep learning, mathematical optimization and scientific simulation, we are progressing to pioneer Green and Digital Innovations for a prosperous and sustainable future.”

Kingshuk Banerjee
Director and Head of R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Explore Hitachi India R&D Sustainability Stories:

Unlocking the Future of Electric Vehicles

Hitachi India is spearheading India's electric vehicle revolution by harnessing decades of battery solution expertise and cutting-edge AI technology. Discover how Hitachi India R&D Centre, in collaboration with global R&D team, is developing innovative solutions that will contribute to reduce costs and extend battery life, making electric mobility more accessible and sustainable.

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Enhancing Public Transport Efficiency in India

Buses are lifeline for Indian commuters, but challenges like overcrowding and delays drive many to private cars, stressing infrastructure, and worsening air quality. Hitachi India R&D Centre has pioneered an innovative digital solution to optimize bus operations and ensure smooth traffic flows. Discover how their technology is enhancing efficiency and convenience, while promoting sustainability and better air quality for cities in India.

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Advancing Public Safety: Hitachi's Innovative Surveillance Solutions in India

Indian law enforcement agencies are adopting modern surveillance systems with video analytics to enhance public safety. Hitachi Vantara's highly scalable Hitachi Visualization Suite integrates real-time video and IoT data for improved situational awareness. Collaborating with Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi India's R&D Centre is developing a customized algorithm to accurately detect objects, identify suspects, and streamline video analysis. This effort ultimately contributes to a safer and smarter society.

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Sustainable AI Innovation Empowering India

Hitachi India's commitment to sustainability drives Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations that enhances lives and foster inclusive growth in India. Hitachi India R&D Centre leads the way by developing voice-based AI solutions. Explore how the Automatic Speech Recognition platform, supporting diverse vernacular languages, promotes digital inclusion, reduces literacy barriers, and fosters financial empowerment for disadvantaged sections of the society.

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Empowering Lives: Hitachi's Socially Responsible Construction Safety Innovation

In the construction industry, majority of the workforce are exposed to labor-intensive and high-risk works. Injuries not only pose physical risks but also financial burdens, affecting wellbeing of the workers. Hitachi India R&D, driven by Hitachi Social Innovation Business, recognizes the urgency for better safety systems. Discover how the innovative automatic construction surveillance system ensures worker safety in real time, reduces hazards, and fosters safer, more inclusive construction practices.

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GlobalLogic India

“GlobalLogic is force propelling the universe towards a sustainable future. By embracing Green, Digital, and Innovation as the guiding philosophy, we amplify responsible growth, collaborating with stakeholders to shape sustainable ecosystems.
As we expand our reach as part of the Hitachi Group, GlobalLogic remains resolute with a commitment to leave a better world for generations to come.”

Piyush Jha
Managing Director and Head – India and APAC, GlobalLogic

Explore GlobalLogic India’s Sustainable Stories:

Tech for All: GlobalLogic's Journey in Empowering Abilities.

Empowering individuals with disabilities showcases the transformative power of technology in creating a sustainable world. Innovations like cochlear ear implants, speech-generating devices, and other assistive technologies break barriers, bestowing independence on those once reliant on others. GlobalLogic, a Hitachi Group Company, stands at the forefront of this shift, using digital innovation to create a world where every person, regardless of ability, can lead a dignified, productive, and independent life, thus contributing to more equitable and empowering future for all.

Hitachi Rail

“Rooted in a legacy of sustainability, Hitachi Rail offers an integrated mobility ecosystem that harmonizes prosperity, well-being, and natural balance. Our commitment to a 360° family of mobility services is reshaping the urban landscape, enhancing the lives of city dwellers.
Driven by our vision, we work to provide safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable transport systems, transforming the way people move in cities. Together, we can reduce carbon emissions, ease congestion, and offer enhanced mobility options for all.”

Manoj Kumar Krishnappa
Director and Head of Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd.

Explore Hitachi Rail’s Sustainable Stories:

Powering Western Dedicated Freight Corridor for Greener Growth

The Indian Railways is ushering in a new era of transformation with the Dedicated Freight Corridors (DFC), the largest project since India's Independence. Hitachi Rail India, a global Integrated Rail Solutions provider, has joined forces with the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) to power the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor with cutting-edge rail technologies. This visionary project aims to create a cost-effective, clean, and optimized freight transport system, decongest the rail network for passenger trains, and foster sustainable economic growth.

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Transforming Indian Railways with Electronic Interlocking System

As Indian Railways modernizes its operations to meet growing demands, Hitachi Rail India's commissioning of an Electronic Interlocking (EI) System at the Juhi yard in Kanpur marks a milestone in the nation's digital transport transformation. The capacity has been expanded from 300 to 973 routes, Hitachi's EI System enhances mobility in the critical North Central Zone, supports railway electrification goals, and promotes digital efficiency, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and advancing India's sustainability objectives.

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Empowering Urban Connectivity: Hitachi Rail's Noida Metro Revolution

In response to the challenges of urbanization, Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) collaborated with Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd. to introduce the Noida Metro, also known as the Aqua Line. This 29.7-kilometer metro system, powered by Hitachi Rail's Communication Based Signalling & Train Control System (CBTC), connects Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi, enhancing the Quality of Life for millions, reducing strain on road infrastructure. Completed in just 28 months, the project has contributed to economic growth, provides seamless travel, and supports sustainability goals, aligning with Hitachi India's commitment to powering good and improving lives.

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Decongesting Greater Mumbai through World-Class Metros

To address congestion and promote sustainable travel in Greater Mumbai, Hitachi Rail is actively involved in powering the Mumbai Metro and Navi Mumbai Metro. By providing solutions such as the Propulsion System, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS), Traction Motor, and Train Control and Management System (TCMS) on Rolling Stock, Hitachi Rail is working to modernize Mumbai Metro Line 2 and 7. Additionally, for the 11.1 km long Navi Mumbai Metro, Hitachi Rail is supplying cutting-edge interlocking systems and CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) signalling for Automatic Train Supervision. Discover how these metros are reshaping Greater Mumbai's mobility landscape and ushering in a sustainable era of transportation.

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Transforming Kolkata's Metro: Hitachi Rail's and India’s Most Ambitious First Under Water Urban Commuting Project

Hitachi Rail STS India partnered with Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation to introduce the advanced Kolkata East-West Metrorail, addressing the city's pressing challenges of traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and changing customer requirements. Kolkata Metro, India’s first underwater metro train, will enable commuters to travel across the Hooghly river between the twin cities Howrah and Kolkata. Hitachi Rail STS India delivered Hitachi's globally recognized Signalling & Telecom system for Phase 1 in 19 months, significantly reducing operational failures and maintenance costs, enhancing passenger security, and improving the Quality of Life for millions of commuters. The project also played a pivotal role in reducing environmental impact and fostering economic growth in the region, contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous society.

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Hitachi MGRM Net

“At Hitachi MGRM Net, we are driving sustainable change with Multi-Completeness for the Individual as the centre which transcends boundaries, shaping a future where society thrives and industries flourish. Through revolutionary ICT-based Citizen Lifecycle e-Governance Platforms, we are delivering digital social innovation solutions across different sectors covering the citizen lifecycle, from birth to end of life, bettering countless lives along the way.
Through a single source of truth architecture, Hitachi MGRM Net is fostering transparency, enabling data-driven decisions, and driving sustainable practices across the Citizen Lifecycle including Education and Healthcare.”

Bharat Kaushal
Managing Director, Hitachi MGRM Net

Explore Hitachi MGRM Net’s Sustainability Stories:

Ushering Inclusive Healthcare with Hitachi's Telemedicine Solutions

Telemedicine is reshaping healthcare in India, making it affordable, accessible, and personalized. Hitachi MGRM Net's pioneering role in this transformative field, from advanced Bluetooth-enabled telemedicine toolkit to secure patient repository M-Star TelemedTM Platform, is empowering healthcare professionals to provide continuous care and improve access to specialized services in inaccessible areas. With the rise of digital transformation, telemedicine is set to bridge gaps in public health, enhance access to quality healthcare for all, thus ushering in a healthier and more prosperous society.

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Transforming Education in Ladakh: Hitachi's Digital Solutions for an Inclusive Future

Hitachi MGRM Net is at the forefront of India's education transformation, partnering with the Directorate of School Education, Ladakh, to bring quality education to remote regions. Through its pioneering M-StarTM Applications, 25,000 students in 850 Government and 200 Private Schools are benefiting from a cohesive, transparent educational ecosystem. This platform integrates stakeholders, tracks student progress, and enhances education governance. Additionally, a digital learning platform ensures engaging and interactive learning experiences for Ladakh's students. Hitachi India's commitment to improving education aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, ensuring inclusive, equitable, and quality education for all by 2030.

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A New Era: Ushering Data-Driven Educational Governance in Odisha

Ushering digital transformation of the education sector and driving data-driven governance in the State of Odisha, Hitachi MGRM Net is implementing the Unified Automation System comprising the state’s entire education system - 67,000 schools and 25 million users. Hitachi MGRM Net is proving M-Star School Expert System (SES) which is its e-Governance Platform for Education and also redeveloping the State Portals to provide the information in a timely and transparent manner. This system brings together data from various educational institutions onto a single platform, allowing the government to access and analyze data to gain valuable insights into school and student performance, while enabling evidence-based decision making and reforms.