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India’s digital economy is poised to play a key role in
propelling the nation towards a $5 trillion economy by 20251.
Hitachi is leading the role in accelerating India’s transition to a
“cash-less economy” with its robust digital payment solutions,
including Internet Payment Gateway Solutions.

We Pioneer the Next-Generation Digital Payment Services

Our emerging payment services include “non-cash” payment solutions such as mobile POS, Card management, switching services, debit card issuance and e-commerce-based payments.

Solutions for the Digital Era

e-Commerce Services

We drive the growth of e-Commerce with services such as Internet Payment Gateway (IPG), Merchant Plug-in (MPI), Gateway and Authorization Services and Back Office Services.

Rupay Issuance & Acquiring

We empower co-op Banks with end-to-end services including Rupay Debit/ Kisan Credit Card Issuance & acquiring processing services.

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