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Hitachi Polymer Science Materials

Polymer Science Materials

With the inception of Hitachi Chemical in 1912, Hitachi forayed into the domestic production of electrical insulation varnishes. It also marked the beginning of development of other synthetic resins. During the past over 100 years, Hitachi Chemical has been able to establish itself as a leader in the manufacture of polymer science materials. At Hitachi Chemical, we continually work towards developing new and improving existing technologies to offer our clients a really wide product line.

Hitachi Resins


We leverage our expertise in enhanced technology platform from synthesis, analysis, processing, molecular design to purification and quality control to develop a wide variety of advanced resins. Our product line includes chemical raw materials, UV-curable materials, coating resins for paints, functional resins and molding resins.

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Hitachi Electrical Insulating Materials

Electrical Insulating Materials

Hitachi Chemical leverages over 100 years of experience in varnish development to produce advanced electrical insulating materials that help improve the reliability of electronic products and wiring boards. Our product range constitutes of insulating varnishes, void-free FRP, laminated sheets for electric insulation and solder resists, among others.

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