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India’s burgeoning economy and infrastructural
metamorphosis are fuelling the demand for efficient vertical
and linear transportation solutions. Hitachi, as one of the
global market leaders in commercial and residential elevators
and escalators, is leveraging its Green Technology and the
Group Control Elevator System to deliver fast, safe and
energy efficient solutions that help the customer meet the
growing need for highly efficient vertical transportation
solutions to enhance citizens’ Quality of Life.

  • Elevators

  • Escalators

  • Moving Walkways


The rapidly urbanizing India clamours for energy-efficient and economical elevators. Hitachi’s high-tech, high-speed green elevators, including machine-room-less elevators, equipped with the ‘regenerative system' propel India’s transition to green buildings and assure sustainable innovation with decreased power consumption and enhanced passenger experience.



Rising customer expectations, standard of living, and infrastructure boost demand for innovative, efficient and comfortable escalators. Hitachi’s state-of-the-art escalators, fuelled by energy-saving drive systems, complement the need of modern urban spaces while ensuring superior comfort, safety of step and safety of landing step, enabled protective design with energy saving features.


Moving Walkways

Futuristic technologies for smart public spaces and major transit hubs herald the adoption of moving walkways as one of the most eco-friendly transport mode. Hitachi’s innovatively designed moving walkways, both horizontal and inclined, ushers in accelerated mobility, sizable energy savings, and superior comfort for safer & convenient transit experience.


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