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Building upon its more than 100 years of experience in
developing and manufacturing elevators and escalators (since
1924), Hitachi offers world’s most technologically advanced
elevators. We leverage our breakthrough research and
cutting-edge CAD/CAM systems to efficiently plan and
execute the entire elevator layout and production process.


Designed to provide commercial establishments the safest and most comfortable experiences, Hitachi escalators offer substantial energy savings helping buildings to achieve their environmental targets and contribute to a low-carbon society.

Hitachi is proud to have developed the world’s fastest elevator - reaching 1,260 m/min at Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a skyscraper complex building in China1.

To meet the varying needs of customers, Hitachi offers a diverse line-up of escalator solutions such as:

Our Unmatched Elevators Portfolio

Machine Room-Less Elevators

Hitachi supplies its state-of-the-art machine room-less elevators that guarantees maximum passenger safety, energy savings, and riding comfort. The elevators use a regenerative system that reduces energy consumption by approximately 30% besides using LED lights for energy savings, vibration-absorbing system for smooth rides and sensors and automatic rescue device in case of power failure for maximum safety.

Machine Room Elevators

We also provide a highly reliable and efficient machine room elevator equipped with high braking torque and high insulation class of motor. With Hitachi’s highly systematic control system, a precise travelling speed curve and output according to the distance from the car location to the destination floor is calculated so that the travelling efficiency is improved.

Home Elevators

Enhancing families’ lifestyle and comfort, Hitachi home elevators are aesthetically designed and offer substantial energy savings by using LED lights and features such as automatic illumination shutoff function and an energy saving operation mode. Besides that, assured safety features such as automatic rescue in case of power failure.

Freight Elevators

Depending on the requirements of industries across verticals, Hitachi manufactures and supplies freight elevators that can carry large loads of material efficiently. All freight elevators are equipped with the necessary features to enable easy and convenient loading of the goods to the elevator as well as off-loading.

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