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Supplementing the development of smart public spaces that
offer masses the safest and most comfortable mobility
solutions, Hitachi supplies commercial and public buildings its
safe, reliable and human-friendly Escalators.


Our escalator solutions give a premium touch to your urban spaces and enhance the user experience with a focus on seamless, safe and sustainable mobility.

Harnessing the latest innovations and findings by Hitachi Research & Development Centre, our modern escalators are engineered to guarantee the safest transportation solution for buildings. Our brand-new escalators materialize the principles of-

Designed for Comfort & Sustainability

Safety & Reliability

Hitachi Escalators have built-in protective features such as safety of step, safety of landing plate and emergency braking safety gear to assure the safest and human-friendly ride. Sensors alert the passenger in case of movement beyond the handrail.

Aesthetic Design

Hitachi promotes the diversified design to adapt to the different decoration styles of shopping malls, airports, and buildings. Our pre-built and customized designs enhance the overall space architecture of the buildings, lending a touch of sophistication and a seamless blend with the surroundings.


Hitachi is the first company to have introduced escalators with stainless steel steps. The pressed stainless-steel plates are less prone to deformation by sharp objects and last longer.

Energy Savings

Contributing to sustainable mobility and a low-carbon society, Hitachi escalators leverage improved drive technology and multiple operation modes to maximise energy savings. Our technologically advanced drive mechanism has been engineered specifically to enhance drive transmission efficiency and reduce friction for reduced energy consumption.

Hitachi offers its customers a wide range of customized options such as handrail light, foot light and demarcation lamps, among others. Get more details on the specifications of Hitachi Escalators.


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